Senior Javascript Engineer


(Chicago, Illinois)
Full Time
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About Gogo
Gogo’s worldwide inflight Wi-Fi services have made internet and video entertainment a regular part of flying. We are a diverse group of technologists, marketers, strategists, and any other function you can think of- all working together in extraordinary harmony. And that’s just the beginning.
Here at Gogo we know that JavaScript and HTML5 can do amazing things. We are moving more and more functionality into our web applications leveraging a micro-service core. Our roadmap includes WebSockets, Scripted APIs (See Netflix's API.Next for insight) and other great backend technologies to enable you to build amazing applications. The Gogo user experience engineering team builds many exciting web applications including our in-flight Video Application, Gogo Vision, our commercial and consumer applications and our in-flight portals for our airline partners. We're looking for passionate developers who thrive on continual innovation to join us. This is a hands-on development position, building a solid JavaScript core that talks to our micro-service architecture.
* Develop core JavaScript within our web applications. * Work with product teams on new ideas, help with designs and estimates. * Work with micro-services teams on RESTful API designs - assist with future scripted API’s and websocket investigations. * Continuously look for new technologies and approaches for the team - help us keep ahead. * A commitment to excellence, best practices, and the continuous improvement of our products, code base, processes, and tools.
Ideal Candidate
**Required Skills & Experience:** * BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience. * 5 plus years of experience with software development and/or web development. * Experience with one or more modern JavaScript “frameworks” (React, Backbone/Marionette, Angular, Ember). * Ability to deliver excellent User Experiences (UX) and responsive User Interfaces (UI) across multiple browsers and multiple mobile devices (phone, tablet, laptop) * Proficiency developing asynchronous code using Ajax and promises. * A solid understanding of object-oriented design and programming. * Solid skills in troubleshooting and debugging JavaScript applications in multiple browsers. **Bonus Skills & Experience:** * JS templating engines like Handlebars, Jade, EJS, Mustache * ECMAScript 2015 (“ES6”) * Functional and/or Reactive Programming * JavaScript testing frameworks like Jasmine, Mocha and Karma. * Webpack, Grunt, Gulp or Brunch. * Node.js and NPM * Video and/or audio streaming and playback. * iOS and Android mobile development.


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