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(California, United States)
Full Time
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We are looking for responsible and vibrant endeavors for computing and analyzing large volumes of data and provide accurate information to the business and technology stakeholders. Complex data manipulation and analytics must be handled in a smooth way, while working with business functions. Be challenged with complex technical and business problems. We are really dedicated to provide great client support with the help of our team of talented data scientists, analysts, developers and engineers and administrators. So learn and sharpen the necessary skills and become part of our new level of success venture.
* Ability to understand specialized data and concerns relative to the products. * To analysis and validate data using computer software. * To maintain appropriate documentation based on department standards * To examine and audit data in case of errors and ensure accuracy at several stages of processing. * Test and execute all data transformation. * Perform duties or tasks as assigned by management
Ideal Candidate
Candidates with strong analytical mind, excellent communication skills, ability to review large quantities of data and advanced use of Microsoft Word, Excel and other related applications are most welcome.


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