Business Analyst, Health Quality Measures

Quality Systems, Inc

(Horsham, Pennsylvania)
Full Time
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About Quality Systems, Inc
Quality Systems, Inc. ("QSI") and its wholly-owned subsidiary, NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, Inc. ("NextGen"), develop and provide computer-based practice management, medical records, and e-business applications for medical and dental group practices.
A Business Analyst Health Quality Measures is responsible for reviewing the specifications of various Pay for Performance or other Quality Measure initiatives. Identify data points for extracting data from EHR Modules or KBM (templates), complete Measure Specifications and provide support for HQM Reporting Module Application for clients and internal customers.
* Analyze and independently identify data extraction points for Health Quality Measures, update current measure extraction points and identify fixes for known issues. * Exercise independent judgment to determine the appropriate course of action to take based on the analysis performed and all possible solutions in order to determine the most appropriate way to develop or modify measure sets. * Document all analysis and actions. The data is used by Management to determine resource requirements, allocations, necessary software enhancements, release notes and other factors critical to the company operation. * Assist in identifying measures where data cannot be extracted from the KBM and/or HER then submit enhancement requests for these measures and follow-up as needed. * Complete individual HQM Measure Specifications for internal use including workflow and screenshots. * Perform research and development lists for use in the HQM Measure Query, including but not limited to Medications, CPT4 codes and ICD9 (ICD10) codes. * Update documents for Health Quality Measures based on annual change items. * Develop end user documentation for internal customers. * Assist Documentation Department with creation and modification of White Papers to post on the Company Website for Client use. * Data mapping, list creation and research. * Conduct regular Quality Assurance of their work to analyze current Health Quality Measures for improvement, correction and repairing all known measure issues. * Required as needed to assist the Quality Assurance in testing of individual measures. * Work with other NextGen Healthcare Departments including, but not limited to Knowledge Base, Physician Resource and EHR Development Departments for analysis of development for all measures.
Ideal Candidate
* Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Nursing, Information Technology, Healthcare Administration, Medical Records or equivalent work related experience. * Minimum of two (2) years’ experience with an Electronic Health Records System. * Basic to Intermediate knowledge of SQL. * Understand and knowledge of the Healthcare Industry and Clinical workflows. * Understand and knowledge of Medical terminology. * Understand Medical Billing (e.g. CPT, ICD-9 codes). * Minimal knowledge of Relational Database. * Experience with Microsoft Applications (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook). * Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. * Possess strong multi-task and troubleshooting skills. * Ability to work independently, as well as in a team environment. * Customer service oriented. * Basic knowledge of Pay for Performance initiatives and concepts (e.g. PQRI Measures and Reporting, DOQ-IT, Government/State/Insurance run Health Quality Measures which analyze physician performance). * Experience in the Design of Electronic and/or Paper Medical Record templates. * Basic experience of Development Concepts, Practices and Procedures within a knowledge base Architecture.


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