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About Omitron
Omitron is an Aerospace Engineering and Information Technology small business firm headquartered in Beltsville, Maryland with a field office located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since 1984 Omitron has provided excellence in engineering services and product development to government and industry customers for both civilian and military aerospace programs.
Omitron has an open position for a Software Development Engineer to develop and update software on operational and development environments within the NASA Flight Dynamics Facility (FDF). The FDF is a real-time mission support center that provides continual navigation and flight analysis to 30+ spacecraft. Software Developers will work with Flight Dynamics Engineers and Database Administrators (DBAs) on multiple development teams to design, enhance and manage software applications. The Software Developer will also be expected to routinely identify new software and database design methods and opportunities from public, private, academia and industry practices to improve FDF software and architecture.
* Solving NASA operational spacecraft needs by problem definition, requirements development and interpretation, solution development, and implementation * Working directly with Flight Dynamics engineers and teams to develop software requirements * Planning for future needs with design, purchase and software architecture recommendations * Analyzing software usage and needs to optimize applications and proactively prevent issues * Troubleshooting software and, as applicable, database issues on an operational system * Creating test plans and performing functional software testing and integration of software * Ensuring adherence to configuration management policies and procedures * Improving operations by introducing enhancements to policies and procedures * Preparing for and presenting to stakeholders at engineering milestone reviews for approval
Ideal Candidate
**Skill Requirements** * Proven experience developing applications in Java that are scalable, flexible, and expandable * Experience with server-based development * Experience or knowledge of database interfacing and maintenance using Oracle My SQL * Proven experience applying Software Systems Engineering processes including, but not limited to: requirements development, configuration management, and system design reviews * Experienced with Windows, Linux and Unix environments * Familiarity with the Software Development Life Cycle * Experience with Object Oriented Development * Demonstrated oral and written communication skills * Ability to work independently and self-organize within a team * Ability to mentor and lead software developers **Desired Skills** * Ability to migrate existing code to a new language in innovative ways (e.g. graphical) * Experience developing GUIs in Java FX * Familiarity with scripting languages such as Python or Perl * Experience developing in C++ * Experience working in an Agile environment * Familiarity with the Atlassian tool suite including JIRA and Confluence * Ability to model or code in Matlab * Scripting in and interfacing with engineering tools such as STK, ODTK, and FreeFlyer **Required Experience** 3-10 years’ professional experience in software development, with ever-increasing responsibilities. **Required Degree** BS in Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Math, or a related degree.


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