JavaScript Developer

Leepfrog Technologies

(Coralville, Iowa)
Full Time
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About Leepfrog Technologies
Leepfrog Technologies, Inc. provides its CourseLeaf software to more than 240 of the nation’s most academically complex colleges and universities to manage their academic catalogs, curriculum, section scheduling and student course search requirements.
The JavaScript Developer is primarily responsible for designing, customizing, coding, testing, and implementing client websites in support of the CourseLeaf system. A successful candidate should be capable of full cycle project leadership including site layout/user interface, database design/programming, and development. Developers are obliged to be quality, detail, and results oriented. A combination of overall technologist, a passion for testing, and interpersonal skills is desired and will frequently garner the greatest rewards.
* Coordinate/work closely with Project Managers and other members of the Development Team to ensure timely completion of deliverables. * Manage project tasks, timelines, and communication. * Design and creation of relational database schemas. * Routine daily maintenance of existing sites and applications. * Fix software issues and code irregularities. * Perform code maintenance, testing, and analysis. * Implement software or product enhancements. * Give technical feedback to non-technical business professionals. * Design and complete project assignments. * Stay current about industry developments. * Write reports and documentation as needed. * Other tasks as needed for successful project completion.
Ideal Candidate
**Skills Required:** * Excellent oral and written communication: clear, concise, professional. * Be proactive, take initiative. * Have a strong work ethic, be persistent and dependable. * Planning: an ability to think ahead, prioritize, and plan. * Management: the ability to organize and manage multiple priorities. * Be detail oriented and able to produce quality work. Awareness and pride in 100% client satisfaction. * Ability to grow professionally in a highly flexible and fast-moving environment. * Have exceptional programming knowledge and experience with: * JavaScript * SQL * DOM * Ajax * JQuery * Having knowledge or experience with the following technologies is desired, but not required: * XML * CSS * JSON * Familiarity with using version control systems and development experience using extensible web authoring tools. **Qualifications:** Qualified candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering or comparable experience in web application development from the layout/user interface to relational database structures.


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