Learning Equality
E-learning San Diego, California Non-Profit

Our Company

Learning Equality, a California-based nonprofit organization, is dedicated to creating tools for the sharing and creation of open-licensed educational content for use by anyone around the world, with special emphasis on reaching the 60% of the world that does not have Internet access, and those with limited-bandwidth, expensive, or unreliable connections. KA Lite, our open-source platform for deploying Khan Academy videos and exercises in offline and low-bandwidth contexts, was soft-launched in December of 2012, and is seeing widespread global deployment, particularly in India and sub-Saharan Africa. The Foundation’s current activities are focused around developing this platform further and helping to support its deployment through partner NGOs, as well as individual teachers and schools wanting to make use of the platform with their students. We have been in discussions with hundreds of organizations, schools, and individuals around the world, many of whom are now deploying KA Lite in classrooms, homes, prisons, and orphanages, and we have several larger pilot programs underway.

Skills We're Looking For

Python Django Graphics Illustration Visual Design Data Analysis CSS Quality Assurance Automated Testing HTML5 Manual Testing Vue.js Database Management Spreadsheets SQL Statistics Technical Writing R Video Production Data Gathering Non-Technical Writing Instructional content production JavaScript ES6 UI Design Flux Media UX Research APIs Databases Linux Networking Computer Vision Continuous Integration Firewall