King & Prince Seafood

King & Prince Seafood

Food Production Brunswick, Georgia Private Corporation

Our Company

King & Prince® always delivers high quality seafood with reliable results. So you always have back-of-house success and happy customers. We have over 60 years experience in delivering quality seafood. We adopted the Global Standard for Food Safety, the benchmark for best practices in the food industry; achieved certification according to BRC Standards; and were graded A for our company’s food safety and quality systems in our Brunswick, GA and Redmond, WA facilities. As a part of Nissui, the second largest seafood company in the world with three production facilities in the US, we can ensure availability when you need it. We provide sustainable products and use sustainable practices to ensure long-term supply.

Skills We're Looking For

Data Collection Food Science Manufacturing Product Development Technical Support Food Engineering Customer Satisfaction Food Preparation Nutrition Product Design Product Knowledge Product Support Safety Chemistry Test Design Scale testing Microsoft Office Product Improvements Quality Control Procurement Product preparation Food Product Technical Expertise Production Communication Maintenance Refrigeration Scheduling Strategic Planning Welding Safety and Security Technical Skill Key Performance Indicator Machining Wastewater Treatment