JMJ Phillip
Staffing & Recruiting Rochester Hills, Michigan Private Corporation

Our Company

JMJ Phillip Executive Search is a global full-service boutique Executive Search Firm that specializes in the Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Technology sectors. Our narrative began more than 15 years ago as our founder turned his manufacturing technology consulting focus to the executive search industry. With a long family history in manufacturing and living in the manufacturing capital of the world, the story of JMJ Phillip set on its course. When the company was founded, the general concept was to leverage our vast network of manufacturing, supply chain, and technology executives to bring a higher level of service and integrity to the executive search sector. With a customer-centric emphasis, a strong desire to do good work, and the ability help build our customer talent base from the inside out, we had no choice but to grow quickly. As a company with a culture that supports the continuing of education, learning of manufacturing through case studies, and delivery of real management consulting-style search services, we have become the leader in global manufacturing and supply chain executive search and recruiting. The ECM Agency – Connections That Matter Information is widely disseminated in today’s world and everyone has access to the same public information in a matter of a couple seconds. Through our Executive Career Management Agency we have spent the last decade forging relationships with North America’s top manufacturing, supply chain, and technology executives. Those close, personal relationships give us a private network reach to more than 25,000 top professionals nationally. Once a recruiter has tapped their database and other public resources, they are often stuck. However, where most get stopped, we are only getting started. With a handful of phone calls we can reach the unreachable, something you will not find with any other executive search firm in the country. With our ECM Agency your search project will still have the global reach of a larger search firm but still have the custom and hands-on customer service focused experience a boutique executive search firm offers.

Skills We're Looking For

Manufacturing engineering Microsoft Office Selling Product Management Mechanical Engineering Market Development Product Life Cycle Computer Aided Design (CAD) Data-driven Decision Making Microsoft Excel Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Word SAP ERP SAP Materials Management Business Six Sigma Software Engineering Lean CNC Machining