Senior JavaScript Software Engineer


(Atlanta, Georgia)
Full Time
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About Itential
Itential is an innovative software and services company whose purpose is to help network operators simplify operations and realize the promise of automation. The move to automation has been a lengthy and difficult journey. Despite its many promises, automation has introduced complexity to both networks and supporting applications. It has evolved from scripting and templates to models for network programmability.
Itential is looking for senior software engineers to grow our core product development team. As a senior engineer, you will focus on developing all major releases of our Pronghorn application platform. The platform allows our customers and project teams to develop their own applications to solve specific problems within the telecommunications industry. You will use your JavaScript and full-stack development skills to implement new features, design new APIs and brokers, and continuously develop the product roadmap. We expect our collaborative environment to challenge you with some of the hardest problems our customers are facing. You will work with a team of dedicated developers who are fully invested in making Pronghorn the market leader in our industry. Our Agile mindset is key to delivering the most value to our colleagues and clients, and strong opinions on how to improve our software development lifecycle are welcome. We are a diverse group that values innovative thinking, and we believe that a willingness to learn is our key to success.
* Design and develop new features for the Pronghorn application platform * Work directly with the Product Architect and CTO on vision and requirements * Act as a senior mentor for junior developers * Execute effective Agile processes and work with project teams on their priorities * Track and own software quality metrics (defect rates, code/test coverage, etc.) * Promote Continuous Improvement/Continuous Development practices
Ideal Candidate
* Experience within the MEAN stack, with a focus on Node.js * Strong knowledge of services (mostly RESTful) * Experience working in Agile development environment focused on CI/CD * OSS, telecommunications, and networking experience a plus


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