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About HelloSign
Our team of 9 engineers is curious, driven, friendly, and collaborative. We believe in an egoless approach to development and a blameless approach to problem solving. While we work independently, we support each other through frequent code and design reviews, daily stand-ups, and pair programming, facilitating learning and reducing friction in our regular release schedule of every 3 weeks.
If you are passionate about supporting customers, we want to hear from you. HelloSign is looking for a Technical Support Representative to join our Customer Operations Team. We are very passionate about making our customers awesome and are looking for a Technical Support Rep that will take the relationships to the next level. In this role, you will be responsible for making sure that every one of our users has an awesome experience when interacting with our products and us. Internally, you are the voice of our customers and will be their advocate. You are the primary point of contact for people that have general and technical questions. You will be responsible for communicating and documenting issues, troubleshooting and testing, and should feel comfortable providing support via email, chat and over the phone. When applying, please include a cover letter telling us why you think you’d be a great fit, what makes you passionate about supporting your customers, and what super power you’d want if you could have any super power.
* Achieve expert working knowledge of our products. You will be the first stop point for troubleshooting and must know how to use our products (don’t worry - we will train you). * Troubleshooting reported bugs partnering with the Customers and Engineers to reproduce and assist with diagnosing issue. * Explore feature requests that are unclear until the point you have reached a full understanding of what the customer is asking for and why. * Act as a guide for our customers when they are configuring and integrating our products into other products. Identify and document the reason the customer contacted us and advise on any forming trends that may impact the larger customer base. * Actively contribute to the development, documentation, and enforcement of processes and policies within the organization. * Increase overall customer satisfaction by meeting and exceeding customer support metrics and service levels.
Ideal Candidate
* 2 years working in Technical Support in the SaaS industry - You understand the complexities of the SaaS world and how to keep our customers happy! * Proven experience walking customers through the troubleshooting process. * Strong analytical and critical thinking skills - you love asking those open ended questions to really get to the root of the matter! * Previous experience working with and troubleshooting software that integrates with other tools such as Salesforce (ideally, you have been a Salesforce admin and/or heavily used Salesforce before). * A love for helping customers and delivering satisfaction. * Strong communication skills, both written and oral. * Strong team player possessing the willingness to seek feedback, adapt practices and continuously learn and evolve.


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