Machine Operator

Hearthside Food Solutions

(Wenona, Illinois)
Full Time Evenings
Job Posting Details
The qualified candidate will operate, in a safe and efficient manner, a variety of equipment including horizontal wrappers, box makers, cartoners, and other mechanical equipment which are used for packaging, labeling, and sealing of finished products.
* Performs accurate set ups on equipment in preparation for particular product runs. * Operates equipment and makes adjustments as necessary to ensure equipment is operating correctly and meeting quality specifications. * Inspects and tests packages, and documents results to ensure equipment is operating correctly and meeting quality specifications. * Stages and checks required materials for quick and accurate change overs in production. * Completes and assembles all required documentation associated with the position. * Maintains works area in a clean and organized manner. * Performs all other duties as assigned. * Must be able to perform mandatory overtime as necessary.
Ideal Candidate
**Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:** * Proficient in reading and writing in English in order to understand equipment instructions and safety manuals and also to record all data associated with equipment operations * Must be knowledgeable in GMPs and the HACCP program * Sufficient math skills to calculate quantities of material required for orders being ran * Good organizational and communication skills in order to prioritize work and communicate changes to line workers * Must have the ability to handle small tools * Ability to lift 40 lbs. unassisted * Ability to lift 41 lbs. to 75 lbs. assisted. * Ability to stand up to 80% of the time scheduled * Must display great attention to detail * Must have the ability to understand and follow all safety policies and procedures **Job Qualifications:** * High school diploma or equivalent * Must be 18 years of age


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