Senior Backend Engineer


(Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Full Time
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About FarmLogs
Technology that simplifies farming. Get timely, unbiased information to improve yield, eliminate waste, and maximize the profitability of every acre.
You’re smart, you’re a good engineer, and you get things done. You get a thrill out of building things from scratch and taking ownership over your work. You live and breathe for the start-up culture where life is fast-paced and full of opportunity. You enjoy working with smart people, value their feedback, and like working collaboratively on problems. You enjoy writing clean and testable code, you don’t overcomplicate things, and you know how to choose the right tool for the problem you’re trying to solve. As a senior member of our backend team, you will be creating APIs and services to provide access to a wide range of data sets - weather, satellite imagery, soil information, farming practices, seed inputs etc. You will collaborate with our data science team to design and build machine learning models to be able to make better recommendations to increase profitability and yield for a farmer.
* Understand business requirements, work with other team members, and develop solid engineering solutions * Responsible for implementing features from inception to deployment * Commitment to maintaining and improving functionality on an ongoing basis * Provide coaching and mentorship to junior engineers * Review code for your peers and provide feedback
Ideal Candidate
**Required skills/qualifications:** * 6+ years of professional engineering experience * Demonstrated ability to mentor and coach other engineers * Adept at identifying pragmatic solutions * Demonstrated ability to write clean and testable code * Ability to dissect complex technical challenges and quickly deliver elegant solutions * Interested in presenting data in a useful way and deriving new information from it * Love working with miscellaneous data formats and third party APIs * Effective and efficient communication at all levels of technical detail. Negotiating scope and estimating time commitments is a major part of the job **Nice to have:** * Previous work experience at a startup * Proficient in Python or Clojure, * Familiar with Postgres or other relational database * Experience with AWS infrastructure * Familiarity with statistical analysis and machine learning techniques * Knowledge and passion for the farming industry


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