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About Experian
Experian is a global information services company that provides information, analytical tools, and marketing services to help clients manage their commercial and financial decisions. The company helps organizations manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers, and automate decision making. It also enables individuals to check their credit report and credit score as well as protect against identity theft.
The Software Developer roles include design, development, analysis, creation, modification and testing of software. Experian Health is an Agile programming environment. Developers choose work items they will complete, estimate the time to complete, and are responsible for final deployment of working production code. Development is often based on client request or problem. Developers work with users, product managers and/or other developers to create specifications. These roles include building prototypes and iterative solutions that are then provided to customers and further iterated. Success is based upon producing working code in production.
* Writes software including maintenance and new programs. * Analyzes, designs, develops, codes and implements programs in one or more programming languages, for a specific assigned software system or systems. These may include PC, Web, and development tools. * Identifies application, database software, and programming problems. * Assesses the health and performance of software applications and databases. * Participates and maintains relationships with business units, customers and information technology subject matter experts in order to remain apprised of direction, project status, architectural and technology issues, risks and functional/integration issues. * Advises on options, impact on other business processes, and system priorities to customers and other impacted parties * Other duties as required
Ideal Candidate
* Basic knowledge or Experian Health software products and how they work. * Basic knowledge of healthcare data protocols and software requirements. * Basic knowledge of one or more programming languages and operating environments. * Basic knowledge of software development and project management methodologies. * Basic oral and written communication skills. * Basic problem solving and analytical skills. * Basic organizational skills.


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