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About Etsy
You may know Etsy as the global marketplace for unique goods, from enamel pins to custom wedding invitations and handcrafted furniture, but we're more than that. We're a values-driven company with a mission to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world. That means we're committed to using the power of business for good through our platform, our members, our employees, and the communities we serve around the world.
Etsy is looking for an experienced Software Engineer to join our Search Ranking team and help us power a unique, values-driven shopping experience that connects millions of buyers and sellers to one another. The ideal candidate is a software engineer who has worked on search or search-related areas like recommender systems, and has background in information retrieval and machine learning.
* Improve our **machine-learned ranking** with better feature engineering, modeling, and training data collection. * Develop **query understanding** tools, including query expansion, entity recognition, and natural language understanding. * Develop **document understanding** tools to automatically extract structure from free-text product descriptions. * Build features that support **exploratory search**, such as search results diversification, faceted search, and suggested search queries. * Deliver **personalized search** experiences via a combination of explicit and inferred user preferences. * Use **multimodal deep learning** to combine our text and image data to deliver the best possible search experience.
Ideal Candidate
* MS/PhD in Computer Science or related technical field or BS with 2+ years of applied ranking or machine learning experience * You’ve worked on problems in our space, ideally (but not necessarily) on search in the context of e-commerce or a marketplace * You’re familiar with the different parts of the search stack and understand how data, infrastructure, and user experience interact with ranking. * You enjoy an experiment-driven approach to product development * You have experience applying information retrieval and machine learning to real-world problems
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