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eMarketer is the industry's leading research firm, providing data, insights and perspectives for marketing in a digital world. Our research helps marketers answer three essential questions: how consumers spend their time, how consumers spend their money, and what marketers are doing to reach them. Empowered with this intelligence, our customers confidently make decisions about strategies, tactics and budgets.
eMarketer, a market research company based in New York City, is seeking a Researcher with a background in digital media and secondary market research. The ideal candidate has a strong sense of curiosity, is highly organized and is comfortable working with survey and forecast data. This researcher will collect, analyze and curate publicly available information for the purpose of supporting our content about Brazil and Spain.
* Track digital media and industry sources covering a wide range of topics including advertising/marketing, e-commerce, mobile and media consumption, etc. * Collect, analyze and select quantitative and qualitative research for charts, articles and reports * Identify current trends in the digital marketplace * Discover and vet new sources of information * Establish and develop relationships with research sources * Manage a calendar of information release dates * Works closely with newsletter team, analysts and forecasters to provide research support on written content and eMarketer estimates
Ideal Candidate
* A Bachelor’s Degree is required, MLS or additional schooling is a plus * Fluency in Portuguese, Spanish and English * 2+ years’ experience in digital media and/or secondary market research; market analysis experience is preferred * Strong critical thinking and time management skills * Highly organized with the ability to multitask and pay attention to details * Ability to work independently * Strong self-motivation and initiative * Excellent verbal and written communication skills * Must be a NY metro area resident


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