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About DomainTools
DomainTools is the leader in domain name, DNS and Internet OSINT-based cyber threat intelligence and cybercrime forensics products and data. With over 15 years of domain name, DNS and related ‘cyber fingerprint’ data across the Internet, DomainTools helps companies assess security threat risks, profile attackers, investigate online fraud and crimes, and map cyber activity in order to stop attacks.
DomainTools is seeking a Python engineer to join our team. Our engineers use Python to process large data sets and to build data services that are used by our customers for cybersecurity research and threat intelligence. Our websites for providing this data include,, and
At DomainTools, you will work as part of a small but highly productive team of smart and engaged engineers. Expect to spend most of your time solving complex data processing problems and building highly-scalable back-end services. You will work in an environment where productivity is fostered. You will spend very little time in meetings, and you won't be distracted by processes that get in the way of high-quality results.
Ideal Candidate
**Essential Qualifications:** * Python experience: 5+ years. * Software development experience: 5+ years. * Experience with large-scale MySQL and NoSQL data sets, or a strong desire to learn. * Experience processing and serving up big data sets with technologies like Hadoop, Hive, and NoSQL databases, or a strong desire to learn. * Proficient with the technologies behind highly-scalable web services (e.g. caching, load balancing, sharding). * Experience with software development in a Linux/Unix environment. * Positive attitude with strong attention to detail and a desire to produce high-quality results. * History of working effectively in a small-team environment. **Pluses:** * Bachelors degree or higher in Computer Science or related field. * Experience with data mining or machine learning techniques. * Experience deploying microservice and/or lambda architectures​. * Java/Scala, C, or R development experience. * Experience working with frontend teams. * Some familiarity with frontend development (AngularJS, ReactJS, JavaScript/jQuery, Ajax, CSS).
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