Docler Media
Entertainment & Leisure Los Angeles, California Private Corporation

Our Company

Docler Media is a well-funded, progressive tech startup in Los Angeles. A part of the massive and massively successful Docler Holding group of international companies, we are centered around the idea of creating unique, exciting and fun products and services. We work in a dynamic environment in the beautiful Beverly Hills, in offices where white boards and cupcakes are more common than clipboards and calculators. We're driven creatives, with a vision to bring beauty and high-quality technology to the masses. “The driving force behind all our actions is creativity and innovation… this is what has helped us the most to leave behind the lave of being just another 'dotcom' and to extend our horizons.

Skills We're Looking For

Systems Business Information Technology Java PHP Relational Databases Ruby CSS3 LAMP Administration LESS NoSQL Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Sass Test Driven Development (TDD) Unit Testing Wireframe Integration Testing Front End Software Development Gulp Grunt Compass Knowledge of Desktop Mobile CSS Animations UglifyJS Business Development Marketing Relationship Management Sales Selling Website Travel industry Design Objective-C Git