C# / .NET Software Engineer


(Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania)
Full Time
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About Deacom
We are the artisans of ERP software, the scientists, the dreamers and the risk-takers. Always seeking the simplest truth, complexity is no match for us. We are the oddballs, disenchanted by the traditional software model, willing to put it all on the line for what we believe is the right path - even if it is not the traditional path. We are the producers of an ERP software like no other, built specifically for process manufacturers looking for a better solution to run their business.
* Gain experience programming in one of the most technically advanced, all-inclusive ERP platforms without being compartmentalized * Have a stake in developing large scale enhancements to the DEACOM ERP software that drive efficiency and have a tangible impact on the customer’s operations. * Program in a collaborative environment without the bureaucratic oversight * Ability to learn new technologies and integrations
Ideal Candidate
* A Bachelor's Degree * Experience developing object-oriented software applications. * Experience with T-SQL. * Experience with LINQ syntax * Experience with Javascript and JQuery * Ability to effectively communicate ideas to team members with varying levels of technical expertise


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