Site Reliability Engineer


(Houston, Texas)
Full Time Travel Required
Job Posting Details
About cPanel
cPanel is a control panel designed for the web hosting industry. It provides hosting providers with automated point-and-click hosting platforms. cPanel was launched in 1997 by cPanel Inc. and its operations are based in Houston, Texas.
cPanel is creating a new Systems Engineering team to work closely with our Developers and Systems Administrators on System Infrastructure projects.
* Rapidly deploy internal and 3rd party applications by sitting on development scrum teams, working closely with DevOps and Systems Administration teams, and performing initial application deployment. * Monitor and ensures acceptable performance and reliability of our internal applications * Perform audits to ensure application and infrastructure comply with security and PCI standards * Coordinate response and resolution of reported security vulnerabilities
Ideal Candidate
**Technical Skills** * Advanced Linux administration experience: Linux, Apache/nginx/HAProxy, MySQL/MariaDB, iptables. * Strong working knowledge and demonstrated ability with Perl, Ruby, Python, or similar scripting languages. * Strong working knowledge of automating system deployment and maintenance using Puppet, Chef, or similar automation tools. * Experience with writing monitoring tests to use with Nagios or other monitoring software. * Experience working with virtualization platform, say, EC2, VMware, or Xen. **Education** * Five years of Systems Administration experience * Two years of software development or automation experience **Experience** * Iterative Development- Comfort with Scrum, or other agile methodologies is a plus * Communication skills- Able to effectively transfer thoughts and express ideas written or verbally in individual or group situations; presents oneself clearly and articulately when speaking; checks for understanding * Problem Solving skills- Able to take a logical approach to address problems or opportunities or manage the situation at hand by drawing on one’s knowledge and experience bases * Time Management- Able to manage work time in such a manner that ensures the accomplishment of specific objectives; sets priorities, goals, and timetables to achieve maximum productivity * Attention to Detail- Able to accomplish a task with concern for all the areas involved, carefully monitoring the detail and quality of own work * Results Oriented- Has a concern for achieving or surpassing results against an internal or external standard or objective * Interpersonal skills- Able to get along with others effectively * Conflict resolution- Able to bring disagreements into the open and attempts to manage them collaboratively
Compensation and Working Conditions
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Additional Notes on Compensation

Competitive Salary. Full Health, Vision, and Dental coverage. Flexible Spending Account. Free on-site lunch. Paid Vacation. Tuition Reimbursement. Casual Working Environment. 401K Matching.


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