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(Mountain View, California)
Full Time
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About Coursera
Coursera is scaling a global platform to provide universal access to the world’s best education, and we’re driven by the passion and mission to let people learn without limits.
At Coursera, the Growth design team’s main role is to connect potential learners with the right courses to take in order to fulfill their goals. This covers a large area including the entire product catalog, all product pages, and payment models, across both the web experience and the iOS and Android experience. This is a very unique team at the intersection of UX design and Product Marketing. As a Senior Product Designer, you will need to possess strong interaction design skills, unparalleled visual design flair, great instincts around solving the right user problems, and good intuition around marketing messaging.
* Brainstorm product improvements with Product Managers (through needfinding, storytelling, and design sprints) * Collaborate on product positioning with UX Content Writers and Product Marketers * Gather user feedback and iterate with Design Researchers * Work out user flows and edge cases with Engineers * Produce pixel-perfect mocks, obsess over details, and polish * Bring our brand attributes to life throughout the product experience * Work within and define Coursera style and visual brand language with Brand Designers
Ideal Candidate
* You have a natural affinity to simplify complex problems into elegant solutions * You understand the power of communicating a clear and compelling product offering * Your team collaboration skills are unparalleled * You thrive in a fast-paced, highly metrics-driven environment * You can be critical of your own work, and can make rational design decisions with the team * You constantly push your limits and try to solve problems in innovative ways * You have a passion for building brands through visual design * You have a highly refined aesthetic sense, and have a deep understanding of color, composition, balance, and whitespace


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