sales agent (remote)

Conficiens solutio

(Vilnius, Vilnius County)
Full Time Part Time Evenings Weekends Freelance Internship Volunteer Entry-Level Temp-to-Hire Travel Required Temp / Seasonal Fully Remote
Job Posting Details
You will be working for a sales agency which provides sales service to companies in various industries and regions. We are looking for both - seasoned professionals and entry-level agents, training will be provided during the actual work. Therefore, an agent can start making money while still in the initial training stages. **Requirements** * ability to communicate over the phone (not necessarily professional experience) * Having your own calling equipment as well as software based calling service (costs may be refunded), if needed we will help with the set-up. **What you will get** * support of an agency * ability to try different sales accounts * good commission rates, as well as an option to get a competitive salary after the trial * Training during the job - which means you will be making money while you are still learning * flexible schedule **Compensation** There will be a three-month trial period, during which you will get paid on commission-only basis. The commission typically range from 7 to 12 percent, depending on sales account, required training and other criteria. **Application process** After you send us your application, you will be provided with an offer file, which will contain several sales account choices.
* Understand leads * Make phone calls * Communicate with potential clients in other ways (e.g. email) * Communicate with management
Ideal Candidate
Ideal candidate would have experience in some kind of sales work, as well as have background in areas such as advertising or IT.


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