direct social media sales agent

Conficiens solutio

(Vilnius, Vilnius County)
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Job Posting Details
We are looking for people, who could do some chat sales. The opportunity does not have a strict schedule and you would be responsible for your own earnings, refer to "Compensation" section. Your job would be to contact various potential clients using social media platforms (e.g. LinkedIn) and make them some offers. This could be a long-term opportunity, a one project deal, or even a summer job - it is up to you to decide. What we need: Good written English language skills well-presented social media account(s) knowledge and understanding of social media platform rules Preferences: ability to make/receive phone calls Compensation: three-month commission-only trial period, after which an option for fixed payroll may be provided if quotas are met. Sales accounts: We can offer various sales accounts, from high-tech solutions to simple advertisement space sales in billboards or magazines.
The candidate would search companies on social media platforms (companies from the list provided or self-made list confirmed list), then initiate a chat with appropriate representative's of the companies and discuss possible sales opportunities with them.
Ideal Candidate
Ideal candidate would have connections in a social media environment, as well as be able to follow up the chats with a phone call and/or be able to provide phone number to receive phone calls.


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