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About Citrusbyte
Citrusbyte works with large enterprise organizations and startups to solve their business challenges by identifying, designing and building innovative software solutions. From concept to launch we apply startup-style customer development and agile engineering to creating new products and areas of business.
We’re looking for an experienced UI/UX Designer to join our team. As a designer at Citrusbyte, you will be prototyping and designing products with complex user interactions and data presentation. You’ll work directly with clients, Product Managers, and Engineers in small teams. You will be responsible for visual design and interaction design for web and mobile applications. We believe a key aspect of any designer is communication and empathy. Your approach to design thinking should be holistic, using this to inform your visual design decisions and build upon the brand to create a unified experience. The focus of our work isn’t any individual screen but how screens and interactions flow together to compose a complete product.
* Discussing/developing product strategy and goals * Defining and clarifying requirements with stakeholders * Low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes * Creating Prototypes to test out ideas and get more feedback * Developing high fidelity designs for key pages * Providing the engineers the assets they’ll need for their work In the early stages of a project you will explore product ideas with sketches and wireframes, and need to communicate your decisions to the client and engineers. Prototyping and user testing are an important part of our process, and you should be able to lead the discussion, design and development of a functional prototype of your design. You will also work closely with the client to craft the user experience through detailed but iterative design to craft a beautiful and functional product. You will work to create visual standards and style guides that the product should follow, and document them for the entire team. You should be able to clearly communicate your ideas and lead the conversation and direction of features to accomplish objectives and goals. You will also work together with our design team on marketing efforts and defining the Citrusbyte brand and visual identity.
Ideal Candidate
**Skills and tools we like to use to get these done:** * Whiteboards & Post-It Notes * Sketch * Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator * Clickable prototype apps like InVision **Skills that are great to have but aren't required:** * User Research * HTML/CSS/Sass/Less * JavaScript frameworks like React * Git/GitHub


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