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(Washington, District of Columbia)
Full Time
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About CCTV-America
Welcome to CCTV America—the media crossroads where news and "views" about the world’s two largest national economies intersect and sometimes collide.
CCTV-America in Washington D.C. is looking for an experienced producer for a highly dynamic business news program. The daily show emphasizes international business and global economic news — including trade and investment issues with a special focus on China, Latin America, technical innovation and women in the workplace. The successful candidates would be able to work well in a team environment against tight deadlines and bring in content elements from multiple sources.
Ideal Candidate
* Writes stories and teases: in a straightforward, active voice, conversational style, with proper grammar and spelling * Helps reporters with package production – which includes finding the best pictures, doing research on a topic, finding soundbites and working with video editors * Monitors wires and feed sources for updated information * At times responsible for planning and editorial content which involves good story selection * Uses all production elements accurately, consistently and creatively * Works with assignment editors, reporters, writers and bookers while making editorial and content decisions in accordance with head of team * Brings fresh ideas and approaches to presenting complex financial stories to a global general audience * Helps generate editorial content for show * At times prepares morning planning by stacking rundown, gathering news information, and helping source guests and story opportunities * Coordinates with producers, reporters, creative department and guest bookers throughout the production process * At times will participate in other newsroom duties in news gathering or output as required by head of team * Duties also include helping to promote programming on digital media as well as working with the digital media team to produce original content for the web **Experience and Education:** * Bachelor’s Degree; Over 4 years of Television Broadcasting experience. Business news and International News preferred.
Compensation and Working Conditions
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