Assignment/Planning Editor


(Washington, District of Columbia)
Full Time
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About CCTV-America
Welcome to CCTV America—the media crossroads where news and "views" about the world’s two largest national economies intersect and sometimes collide.
CCTV America, the Washington D.C.-based component of China Central Television’s global 24 hour English language news channel, seeks candidates to fill a new Assignment Editor/Planning position on the Washington news desk.
* Maintain a keen focus on and awareness of global news events. Knowledge and understanding of international news is a must. * Develop and maintain a close familiarity with issues and personalities influencing news events in North and South America. * Possess a clear understanding of digital newsgathering and TV news production including editorial, logistical and operational techniques. * Work closely with general, business, talk format and long-form show producers to satisfy content needs. * Dispatch correspondents and camera crews to the scene of global news events. * Transition flawlessly from a news-of-day focus to long and short-term coverage planning including finding and pitching creative story ideas, maintaining multiple planning calendars and meshing with planning desks in other international locations. * Constantly track correspondent assignments, shooting and delivery schedules.. * Adhere to the highest journalistic standards for ethics and responsibility. * Possess an understanding of television news agencies and how they function. * Possess and maintain a clear understanding of how social media is used to cover and influence news events. * Maintain excellent oral and written communication skills. * Possess an understanding of and appreciation for a multi-national, multi-cultural work environment. * Easily adapt to other duties and responsibilities required by the Director of News-gathering, Managing Editor and Deputy Managing Editor.
Ideal Candidate
Qualified candidates must have at least 3-5 years network or major market news-gathering experience and must be capable of efficiently handling multiple breaking news stories in a fast paced network newsroom environment as well as planning both short and long-term coverage on a global scale.
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