Senior Reverse Engineer

Assured Information Security

(Rome, New York)
Full Time
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About Assured Information Security
AIS’s roots trace directly to cyber and information security and our well documented contributions are proof. Since 2001, AIS has been working closely with government agencies, academic and business partners to research, develop and deploy cutting-edge security offerings, while also working to influence future security trends that align with emerging technologies and threats. AIS is often referred to as a “niche” security company and for good reason.
The Systems Analysis and Exploitation (SAE) program area performs research, development, and vulnerability analysis of hardware and software systems covering the spectrum of cyber security technologies. The SAE team is focused on tearing apart hardware and software system to find out what makes them work. The team performs a variety of vulnerability analysis across a wide range of cyber security technologies.
* Must be able to work as part of a team researching, designing and building novel software capabilities * Must be able to work independently as needed on research and development related tasking * Must be well grounded in the foundational elements of computer security, system vulnerability analysis, and software engineering * Be a participating member of an Agile/Scrum development team Commitment to contributing to project documentation throughout the SDLC * Lead small teams
Ideal Candidate
**Required Education, Experience, and Abilities:** * Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering or related discipline, and at least 8 years of experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience. * Previous work experience in designing and implementation of applications with highly optimized and scalable architectures. * At least 2 years of experience in development, debugging, and testing in Java, C, and C++. * At least 1 year of work experience with scripting languages such as Bash, Python, Perl, or Ruby * At least 3 years of experience with developing software to operate for both Windows and Linux operating systems. * Solid understanding of network fundamentals, including use of network analysis tools such as Wireshark and Nmap. * Previous experience leading mid-to-large sized teams. * Serve as Technical Lead for small projects. **Preferred Skills:** * Strong database development skills including a solid understanding of database technologies, and logical and physical data modeling. * Previous experience with object-oriented design.


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