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Altarum Institute

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Altarum Institute begins with the understanding that there is no single health care “system.” Health and health care depend on a complex fabric of systems that are constantly interacting and shaping human health. Their Systems Change Model helps us see the broader environment in which these systems operate and in which problems arise. This methodology identifies critical system interactions and focuses on the root causes that can lead a system to fail. Through their systems research and the Systems Change Model, they help you visualize the whole picture – ensuring a more comprehensive and sustainable solution to your problem.

Skills We're Looking For

Healthcare JavaScript Oracle XML J2EE JavaFX JSON Computer Science Health Level-7 (HL7) Java Data Objects (JDO) Software Development IBM Rational Rhapsody Mirth Public Health Computer Programs Databases Java Mobile Applications Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Web Applications Web Development Data Processing Electronic Health Records (EHR) Storyboarding Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Word Apache Struts Clinical Quality Monitoring system Spring Agile Software Quantitative Analysis System Design Interface Development