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About Airware
Airware offers complete enterprise drone solutions that are built on the Aerial Information Platform, so that aerial data becomes an extension of a company’s existing data management systems. Airware’s comprehensive set of technology enables enterprises to plan, capture, and analyze aerial data, all within an enterprise workflow. Based in San Francisco, Airware has built a cross-disciplinary team of experts in aerospace, robotics, geospatial, hardware, software, and cloud.
Airware Cloud team is looking for an engineer who will be responsible for building, expanding and maintaining our Cloud platform infrastructure, and for enabling the rest of the engineering team to develop high quality code efficiently. You will work with our Kubernetes cluster on AWS, set up monitoring and alerting and help geo-distribute data across the globe. Our ideal candidate stays up to date with latest technologies and leverages tools to automate as much of infrastructure management as possible.
* Increase developer efficiency by building feature environments * Improve our infrastructure with the latest Kubernetes features * Set up new geo-distributed clusters with centralized control * Build monitoring tooling for issues in our Kubernetes cluster * Automate platform infrastructure management
Ideal Candidate
* Experience in professional software development * Understanding of Kubernetes concepts * Experience Terraform * Familiarity with Docker, Python, Golang and databases such as PostgreSQL * Good grasp of continuous integration and deployment * Ability to manage and maintain a platform


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