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About 14 West
14 West provides the administrative support modern day companies need in order to establish themselves as industry leaders, inspiring businesses, and great workplaces. Comprised of Personnel & Talent Acquisition, Communications, Operations, Legal, Financial, Information Technology, and Management experts, 14 West offers its clients and their employees the ability to leave the care of infrastructure in the hands of professionals while their leaders focus on new ideas.
The Oxford Club, an Agora company, is seeking a dynamic leader for their Director of Web Strategies. This person will develop a great team while executing our shared vision and strategy. As Director, you would work to continually improve our websites and develop new ways to improve our e-business. You do not need to be a full stack developer to be successful in this role but you should have significant experience in web development. This is a unique position best described as Marketing meets Tech where you can leverage your technical expertise in realizing our marketing and fulfillment objectives.
* Direct both strategy and execution of our e-business through technology and leadership. * Optimize content and delivery for better retention, conversions, user experience, increased page views and length of visits. * Translate data into actionable information. * Oversee a team of skilled developers to build high-quality applications and websites that support business activities. * Work closely with design, marketing, and editorial departments to execute new and existing strategies. * Oversee business intelligence, analytics, and company performance, and report on key performance metrics related to websites and emails. * Design and implement business intelligence systems to track key performance metrics and customer interactions. * Provide channel attribution, tag implementation, conversion rate optimization, and a/b testing. * Guide the design and implementation of effective advertising on our network of sites. * Identify challenges with web properties and email campaigns and provide solutions. * Identify and research opportunities to generate additional revenue from our websites and emails. * Use surveys, polls, and user testing to gather user feedback on website usability. * Work with Lead Developer and Project Manager to oversee the development and testing of new websites and applications, and the ongoing maintenance and improvement of existing websites and applications. * Work with developers and content producers to ensure websites are optimized for SEO and mobile traffic Keep up-to-date with the latest tracking and analytics capabilities and best practices.
Ideal Candidate
* Experience creating dynamic websites that are user friendly and make a positive impact on customers. * Technical knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript. * Ability to work with technical, creative, and production-oriented team members. (Developers, Designers, and Production). * Significant experience working with web developers. * Excellent written and oral communication with a proven track record of proactive initiatives.


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