XTO Energy
Oil & Energy Fort Worth, Texas Public Corporation

Our Company

XTO Energy Inc. was founded in 1986 in Fort Worth, Texas. Safely and responsibly extracting natural gas from U.S. shale and other tight formations is our principal business. We also produce crude oil and natural gas liquids in the United States. We’re the nation’s largest holder of natural gas reserves, and we have one of the highest drilling success rates in the industry. We operate throughout the United States, from the Great Plains to Appalachia. You’ll find us in places such as Montana and Pennsylvania, Utah and Louisiana, and Texas and Ohio. We own interests in approximately 40,000 producing oil and natural gas wells across the country. XTO Energy Inc. and Exxon Mobil Corporation merged in 2010. This teamed XTO’s expertise and experience in the natural gas business with ExxonMobil’s cutting-edge technologies, financial strength and historic leadership in the global energy industry. Safety is a core value that’s reflected in our planning, decision-making and day-to-day operations. We work closely with communities, local officials and regulatory authorities to meet the highest standards. XTO is built around exceptional employees who make exceptional performance a habit. Thanks to talented people, technological innovation and plenty of hard work, we’re the nation’s largest producer of natural gas. It’s through the dedication and commitment of our employees that we earn your trust.

Skills We're Looking For

Equipment Reporting Heavy Lifting Maintenance Mechanical Operations Operations and Maintenance Computer Operating Systems Troubleshooting SCADA Instrumentation Communication Driving Motivated Oral Communication Design Microsoft Office Microsoft Office Suite Organization Reports General Office Electrical Inventory Automation Motor Control