Field Programmable Gate Array Design Engineer

Volant Trading

(New York, New York)
Full Time
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About Volant Trading
Volant is an equal partnership of exceptional traders, quantitative strategists, and technologists who seek out and share each others’ expertise every day as they collaborate toward a collective goal. Founded in 2006, our consistent track record of success is a testament to what can be accomplished when smart, motivated people from a variety of disciplines are given the opportunity to work together collegially.
As a Hardware Design Engineer, you’ll have the opportunity to design, implement, and test the hardware that serves as our ultra-low latency trading platform. Using your deep understanding of both hardware and software, you will support all aspects of an FPGA based trading system; including contributing your own ideas for improvement. You’ll be part of a close-knit team of talented, entrepreneurially minded designers who are committed to innovation and pushing the boundaries of what hardware can do. Our nimble structure allows us to implement quickly and you’ll be able to see your contribution directly reflected in our real time trading.
* Design and test FPGA based networking and trading platform * Implement trading strategies on chip * Develop tools to manage and use FPGA features * Deploy and support FPGA base trading system
Ideal Candidate
* EE/CE Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree * Minimum 2 years’ experience in FPGA based HW projects, or 3+ years in ASIC industry * Solid RTL coding skills in SystemVerilog and/or VHDL * Strong HW verification and simulation skills * Ability to use C/C++ for modeling and Linux scripting for test automation * Familiar with Xilinx or Altera FPGA Tools * Native Linux environment user * Experience in HW/SW integration, system bring up/debug using FPGA debug tools * On board component interfaces such as I2C, SPI, DDR, Flash * FPGA SerDes configuration and customization * PCIe interface, construct and handle TLPs * 10G/40G Ethernet PCS, PMA, MAC design * HW design for TCP/IP protocols * HW handling of stock exchange protocols, feed handling, and order entry * Coding Linux HW drivers, DMA design * Algorithm/DSP design with on chip DSP slices * High speed PCB design


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