Data Curator / Associate Director

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(Austin, Texas)
Full Time
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About The Advisory Board Company
The Advisory Board Company is a best practices firm that uses research, technology, and consulting to improve the performance of 5,500+ health care organizations and educational institutions. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices worldwide, we forge and find the best new ideas and proven practices from our network of thousands of leaders, then we customize and hardwire them into every level of member organizations, creating enduring value.
The Data Curator, Associate Director will be a custodian of the Advisory Board’s data assets and a strong evangelist for using those data assets as widely as possible across the company to drive insight and innovation. This role is also a key part of the Advisory Board’s data quality and data governance programs, and will be responsible for helping to define and drive the standards and best practices necessary to build robust, trust-worthy data to forge best practices for improving healthcare.
The Data Curator, Associate Director will work hands-on managing and documenting Advisory Board data assets and executing data governance projects, as well as in a more strategic role as a subject matter expert to define and promote data standards and guide the use of data to solve business problems across our product portfolio. Some specific responsibilities include: * Work with internal and external data owners to acquire, characterize and certify new and updated data assets, including managing a schedule to proactively acquire data file updates * Interface with product teams to syndicate new and updated data to Advisory Board consumers * Act as product manager and evangelist for internal and licensed third party data assets; maintain the index of data companies and their assets, create data documentation and data update release notes, collect or develop data use case studies, drive innovation by acting as point of contact for product-level product managers and researchers seeking data * Be a subject matter expert for the data assets being managed, including assessing usability of the data for innovative business uses (both contents/quality and legality) and helping to define Advisory Board internal product pipeline data standards, semantics, and data validation rules and processes * Work across internal departments to promote adoption of data standards, data validation and data governance best-practices * Assist with the definition and execution of data governance projects
Ideal Candidate
**Basic Qualifications:** * Bachelor’s degree * 4+ years of experience with healthcare data and data management * 1+ years of experience managing a data asset used for research or analytics * Experience on a data governance team or with data standards definition * Demonstrated knowledge of health and health care data subject matter * Functional level of expertise in using SQL, SAS, R or similar data querying and analysis tools for data profiling and validation * Experience employing data to solve business problems in the healthcare space and using creative, solution focused problem solving * Evidence of ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams * Proven organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail * Proven ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written forms, and to document data findings * Team-oriented but also highly self-sufficient and self-motivated * Proven experience working with clients in a consultative mode, comfort engaging in back-and-forth conversation, ability to be convincing when necessary **Ideal Qualifications:** * Previous employment in a company or division which commercializes or syndicates healthcare data (Ex. CMS, a state APCD, a healthcare data aggregator, a device or pharmaceutical company HEOR division, a payer data analysis or licensing division, etc.) * 2+ years of experience managing a data asset used for research or analytics * Experience leading a data governance team, a data quality initiative or an analytical group serving data to multiple tea
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Medical, dental, and vision insurance, dependents eligible. 401(k) retirement w/ company match. 20+ days paid time off and 10+ paid company holidays. Daytime leave policy for community service or fitness activities.


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