Senior Tools Engineer

Six Foot

(Houston, Texas)
Full Time
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About Six Foot
Six Foot was founded in 2000 as an interactive agency, building digital experiences designed to make connections between people, brands, and technology more human and meaningful.
As a Six Foot Tools Engineer, you'll help us focus on growing a world-class tools code base and game technology team. Successful candidates will have designed and worked on moderate to large scale tools sets for AAA PC and console games. You will collaborate with the team to own projects from inception to production, from production to live, and are always looking to improve the productivity of the team. You are able to effectively and quickly build relationships and establish trust, respect, competence, and confidence. You’re constantly looking for how to evolve, streamline, and automate wherever possible. You are human, and enjoy working with other humans. You thrive in collaborative team environments.
* Write clear, fast, maintainable code * Write and maintain technical design documentation and tutorials as needed * Collaborate with artists and designers to review proposed tools, then define and develop those tools * Participate in regular code reviews and work with other team members to improve the teams engineering skills and general game development skills * Work to regularly debug, profile, and optimize the code * Assist the studio in continuously refining and evolving our development standards * Work with other engineers, to create a collaborative work environment and sharing of technology * Actively participate in team efforts by making recommendations on improving product quality as well as group productivity
Ideal Candidate
* Strong C/C++ and object-oriented programming skills * Strong Python programming skills * Experience with management of large Perforce repositories is highly desirable * C# experience is a plus * Experience writing tools for content development software like Maya, Max, and Photoshop * Working knowledge of Databases like SQL, MySQL, NoSQL * Minimum 5 years’ game development programming experience, having worked on successful AAA PC or console titles * Unreal Engine experience (UE 4.x preferred) desired * Strong debugging and optimization skills * Windows development experience (Visual Studio, P4) * Solid 3D math skills * Ability to self-critique and accept outside critique, as well as provide meaningful constructive feedback to others * Experience working with teams in different locations and time-zones * A passion for interactive entertainment is a must have for our company culture


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