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(Franklin, Tennessee)
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About Rustici Software
Rustici Software creates products that simplify conforming with learning standards like SCORM, AICC, and the Tin Can API. Learning Management Systems (LMSes) can use SCORM Engine to ensure that they are offering a SCORM-conformant player.
If you’re a Linux System Administrator who wants to work in an amazing intellectual environment with a lot of opportunities for professional growth, this job is for you. We’re automating the migration and deployment of 200+ installations of a Java web application, and you’ll be responsible for running migrations, deploying applications, and monitoring all the things. You’ll have a chance to help build a large scale Cloud Operations infrastructure from the ground up, and to work with some incredibly smart people.
You’ll be on the front line of support for both internal clients and external clients. The application that we’re hosting is a Learning Management System, and we’ll be supporting the administrators of those systems as well as our own internal clients (like the development team, QA, and Account Management.) Ideally, you’ll be happiest when driving a Linux shell, but can grok Windows Servers too. We’ll have to support a number of big Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL deployments, so some experience there is helpful, but not required. We use AWS for all the things, and if you grok how it works, that’s great, but it’s not a requirement for the job. We’ll get you trained up on the important bits. If you’ve done some coding, especially bash or python, and know how to use git, that’s a big plus. We have to maintain an ISO 27001 certification, and we care about good security practices for their own sake, so you’ll be responsible for implementing and improving security policy as a part of your job. If you’ve got prior experience with SIEM systems, ISO compliance, or information security practices in general, that’s a big plus. You’ll take part in an on-call rotation, during which time you’ll be responsible for triaging incoming support requests and assisting the Dev/Ops team during emergencies. That said, we work really hard to build things in such a way that if they break, they fix themselves so that we don’t get calls at 3am. We’re not fans of getting up in the middle of the night, and we’ll go to great lengths to avoid doing so.
Ideal Candidate
You don’t need any specific set of credentials, a particular degree, or 10 years of experience for this job. If you have all of these things, that’s great. If not, that’s cool too. We do expect that you’ve had a good bit of actual real-world experience supporting web applications in an enterprise or two, and that you’re interested in being seriously excellent. We use the following stack. If you’re experienced with all of these things, that’s great. We aren’t looking for a specific skillset so much as a person with deep domain knowledge who can thrive in our peculiar and most excellent culture. * AWS * Ansible, Terraform, Consul, Vault, Jenkins * Python, Bash, Java * Tomcat, Apache * Git * Ubuntu Linux, Windows Server * MySQL, Microsoft SQL * ELK (The Elasticstack)


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