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Our Company

At Nuance, we believe in the power of intelligent systems, and quite specifically what the power can do for you. Our innovations in voice, natural language understanding, reasoning and systems integration come together to create more human technology. We make technology fluent in all things human. What we make frees people from having to constantly learn the lingo of technology, and instead just let them communicate in the language of people. No more memorizing commands, sifting through endless menus of mediocre applications, or investing more time, money and energy into trying to make the systems actually do what you need instead of what they want. Technology should work in service of people, and adapt to the way people communicate instead of forcing people to adapt to the machines. We are pioneers in making technology fluent in all things human: from understanding spoken words and extracting their meaning to adaptively and seamlessly interpreting the swipe of a fingertip. Every interaction can finally be understood to deliver exactly what a person needs. And we continuously evolve the ability to perceive the nuance of words, actions and meaning — to fit seamlessly into your life, your business and your world.

Skills We're Looking For

Working with Cross-Functional Teams Agile Software APIs Content Management Contracting Time Management Licensing Marketing Product Management Project Management Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Team Foundation Server Wireframing UX Design Business Process Key Performance Indicator Knowledge of Software Development Kit VersionOne Matrix Management engineering Financial Business Product Requirements Document (PRD) Software Waterfall Methodologies Product Life Cycle Middleware Product Roadmap