Computer Vision Software Engineer


(Newport Beach, California)
Full Time
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About NextVR
NextVR enables the transmission of live, long-form virtual reality content in broadcast quality – leading the way for live and on-demand VR to become a mainstream experience for sporting events, concerts, cinematic productions and more. Launched in 2009, NextVR has more than 26 patents granted or pending for the capture, compression, transmission, and display of virtual reality content.
NextVR is expanding our virtual reality platform and we want your expertise. As a Computer Vision Software Engineer you will be responsible for using computer vision in a real-time, high quality broadcast capacity. We're looking for passionate, creative developers who are excited about solving new problems in new ways. As part of our Research Team you’ll be working on such topics as: visual tracking, structure from motion, object reconstruction, stereo-based reconstruction, object recognition or detection, and image manipulation.
* Develop creative computer vision software * Participate in cutting edge research in computer vision * Develop novel real-time 3D scene reconstruction techniques and delivering accurate visual odometry systems * Research and prototype techniques and algorithms for object detection and recognition.
Ideal Candidate
* 5+ years developing and designing Computer Vision * 3+ years C++ experience * Background in Computer Vision * Experience with depth sensing * Prototyping skills * Experience working in a ‘nix environment * Experience with SLAM * Knowledge in machine learning, Bayesian filtering, information theory, and 3D geometry * MS or PhD in Computer Science, Computer Vision, Machine Learning or related field or equivalent professional experience


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