Newland Communities

Newland Communities

Real Estate and Property Management San Diego, California Private Corporation

Our Company

Newland has been in operation for more than 45 years and has an unparalleled reputation for integrity, innovation and vision with its peers and customers. The company's experience includes mixed-use development, investment, asset management, and a diverse array of real estate advisory services. A true operator not an asset allocator or financial engineer Newland's active operating teams across the US include experienced professionals in finance, entitlement, planning and engineering, construction, marketing and sales. Newland has a demonstrated ability to create real value through all cycles and stages of a project, whether its own, or on behalf of a client, partner, or investor.

Skills We're Looking For

Microsoft Project Information Systems Marketing Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word Office Management Outlook PowerPoint Administrative Support Administration Businesslike Computer Construction Management Financial Analysis Microsoft Office Presentations Quantitative Analysis Technical Knowledge Civil Engineering Land development Project Development Proprietary Software Architectural