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About MongoDB
MongoDB is the next-generation database that helps businesses transform their industries by harnessing the power of data. The world’s most sophisticated organizations, from cutting-edge startups to the largest companies, use MongoDB to create applications never before possible at a fraction of the cost of legacy databases. MongoDB is the fastest-growing database ecosystem, with over 9 million downloads, thousands of customers, and over 1,000 technology and service partners.
Building great (and fast) software requires great performance testing infrastructure. MongoDB is seeking a Software Developer for the Core Server team to help design, build and operate our automated Performance Testing Infrastructure. We’re looking for a versatile software developer who cares about great code and manipulating data effectively but isn’t afraid of working at different levels of the stack as needed, cares deeply about automated testing, maintainable code, and scalable systems. You will have a direct impact on the performance of our product and the productivity of our engineers.
**Position Expectations** * Work in a distributed team * Build tooling to test the performance of the MongoDB Server, including: * generating test workloads * setting up different configurations for systems under test * automatic detection of performance changes (improvements and regressions) * Visualizing results * Favor silicon based solutions over carbon based ones * Treat our performance infrastructure as “production code”, with all the testing, processes, and care that come with that. * Investigate nasty performance regressions, such as a new feature impacting the performance of seemingly unrelated feature, or low level interactions between code layout and the processor micro-architecture creating phantom performance changes * Guide developers in the use of the performance infrastructure **Success Measures** The software engineer will be successful in this role when they can execute the following strategic tasks/responsibilities: * Add new functionality to the performance testing infrastructure that is used to detect, diagnose, or fix a performance regression * Made it easier to use the performance testing infrastructure * Automated a performance task that people were doing manually * Improved the quality of our performance infrastructure code base, through simplifying an abstraction, removing redundancy, and/or adding tests
Ideal Candidate
The right candidate for this role has an interesting collection of the following backgrounds and aptitudes. * Be a proficient software developer, comfortable manipulating data, presenting data, orchestrating systems, documenting code and processes, and testing their own code * Believes that the improving the performance of a system depends on accurate measurement of the system, and questions all data that they receive * Is curious about the world, liking to figure out how things work * Be equally comfortable with requirements gathering, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance of a system


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