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About MojoTech
MojoTech started as an engineering-only firm in 2008 and it remains the foundation of who we are. Our team includes former lead engineers of successful startups as well as scientists from NASA and the U.S. Navy.
Whether Back-End, Front-End, Full-Stack, Dev-Ops, or Mobile, a big part of what makes being a member of the engineering team at MojoTech so rewarding is the challenge. The job starts hard, and will only get harder. If you believe in constant improvement, and want to join a team that helps one another achieve that goal, please continue reading.
Software Engineers at MojoTech have the ability and autonomy to solve complex problems and deliver quality code as part of a team. With confidence in their own decisions and the quality of their work, they remain open to discussing better ways to solve problems and deliver features. They are comfortable communicating and collaborating with designers, product managers and clients.
Ideal Candidate
The people we’re looking for should be able to check off all this: * Experience building web and/or mobile applications * Understanding of version control (Git) and code documentation * A passion for software engineering and desire for constant improvement And they should also be able to check off some of this: * Proficiency with Ruby on Rails and front-end MVC frameworks * Proficiency with mobile development; Android or iOS * Exposure to leadership roles, particularly on a development team * Experience working in an agency or as a software consultant * Contributed to open source projects or presented at a conference * Experience training or teaching (software or otherwise) * Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field * Created an app/tool/technology that is used by others to solve a problem
Compensation and Working Conditions
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Additional Notes on Compensation

Comprehensive insurance provided at no cost to full-time employees. Trust-based Time Off (take the days you need). Paid Family Leave. 401K with match. Dedicated “MojoTime” for self-directed, non-client work. Incubator support for side projects.


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