Software Quality Assurance Engineer


(Cottonwood Heights, Utah)
Full Time
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About MasterControl
MasterControl is an international software solutions company that provides software solutions for regulated companies to comply with rigid quality standards. Our customers include medical device, pharmaceutical, and food companies that must conform to FDA regulations, as well as general manufacturing companies that require a high level of quality compliance, such as those found within ISO standards.
MasterControl is looking for creative, energetic test engineers to join our software quality team. Team members will use innovative test tools and methods, working closely with product managers and developers in an agile environment, to proactively ensure delivery of the best software possible.
* Work closely with product owners and developers during the design and development stages to understand requirements and create tests. * Participate in the design and development sessions and provide useful feedback. * Create and execute the following: Manual tests (including test cases, test plans, bug verification, and functional tests) and automated testing (including regression tests, functional tests, and custom validation tests). * Thoroughly document test results. * Utilize the defect tracking tool to log defects and verify software chances have been resolved correctly. * Track quality assurance metrics. * Maintain QA test lab hardware and software. * Maintain hardware and software requirements documents. * Other duties as assigned.
Ideal Candidate
**Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:** * Work experience with programming languages that ideally includes some of the following: scripting languages (ruby, vbscript, javascript, etc.), HTML/DHTML/XML, ColdFusion, Java, ets. * Experience working with MS SQL and/or Oracle databases, including and understanding of SQL query language and backend testing. * Experience with SQA testing processes, including functional, negative, regression, integration and acceptance testing. * Ability to work with developers, managers, and other stakeholders to ensure that specifications are accurate, understood, and that quality testing is an integral part of every project. * Ability to write professional, succinct quality documentation according to company standards. * Ability to work in a team environment with strong negotiation, interpersonal, collaborative, trust-building, and conflict-resolution skills and ability to adapt to constructive criticism. * Excellent analytical skills and strong attention to detail. * Passionate about solving business problems in innovative and creative ways. * Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment with attention to detail. * Ability to meet multiple, challenging deadlines while communication expectations clearly. * Ability to write working code in any of the above programming languages. * Experience working in an agile environment. * Familiarity with government standards and regulations. **Minimum Requirements:** * 2-year technical degree or equivalent experience. * 1-3 years test experience beyond degree requirement.
Compensation and Working Conditions
Benefits Benefits included

Additional Notes on Compensation

PTO package of 3weeks, increasing after just 3 years of employment. Competitive compensation with annual merit increase reviews. 100% medical premium coverage. Dental/Vision Plans. 401k Plan. Employer Paid Life Insurance Policy ($50K).


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