Javascript Full Stack Developer

Lucky Orange

(Overland Park, Kansas)
Full Time
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About Lucky Orange
Lucky Orange, located in Overland Park, Kan., started as a bootstrap analytics and usability software company and is now one of Kansas City’s hottest startups. Our flagship product sheds new light on user behavior by allowing website owners a peak behind the digital curtain to watch recordings of users, engage with interactive heat maps, see real-time analytics, provide exceptional support via chat, analyze forms, and create custom polls.
You have a knack for creating modern web apps and solving problems other people can't easily spot. You also are a self-motivator who loves to laugh in the face of a challenge, whether it’s debugging other people's code, mastering the latest ES6 challenges, or dominating Mario Kart on the N64 with the rest of the team. That’s how you, new Lucky Orange Javascript Full Stack Developer, will help our company continue our expansion and position in the global marketplace (while having an absolute blast). The ideal candidate (which means you, right?) will be responsible for enhancing & maintaining the core product, creating & maintaining the tests for various code repositories, debugging existing code bases, and supporting our customers. You’ll also be tasked with finding conflicts between other people's code and the Lucky Orange system. We're creating some very interesting technology and you can have a direct impact on shaping a system that is being used on tens of thousands of websites worldwide. Basically, if you love solving interesting problems with the latest technology, you’re going to love this job.
* Ongoing improvements to the Lucky Orange platform including UX enhancements / new feature requests / architectural decisions / new products * Improve quality and security of codebase through automated testing and code review * Ongoing bug fixes and debugging existing codebase as well as customer's code to detect and fix conflicts * Ongoing technical support for our customer base * Be able to handle the entire support ticket process of debugging issue -> creating fixes / tests -> merging code -> responding to customer in a timely and professional manner * Creating and maintaining fast and informative automated tests for all repositories
Ideal Candidate
**What You’ll Need:** * BA/BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience * 2+ years of prior experience in website development/design/production * Excellent written & verbal skills * Expert knowledge HTML5, CSS3, ES6, Node.js * Experience with modern build tools (e.g. webpack, gulp, etc.) * Expert knowledge of testing web apps using frameworks like selenium, nightwatch.js, and mocha * Experience creating and maintaining tests for all repositories * Ability to debug other people's code * Ability to write secure code and understand website vulnerabilities * Genuine interest in web standards, writing elegant, readable, maintainable HTML and CSS * Working knowledge of version control using git. GitHub Flow experience preferred * Experience with rich Internet applications and a familiarity with common web frameworks (jQuery, AngularJs, etc.) * Ability to provide clear direction directly to end users when troubleshooting issues and providing actionable fixes * Live in / near our Overland Park, KS office - or willing to relocate **Extra Awesome:** * PHP Development * Outside the box thinking - know when to reinvent the wheel (and when not to) * Experience in Google Cloud * Experience with Elastic Search * Penetration testing expertise * Experience with responsive and mobile web design (Twitter Bootstrap etc.)
Compensation and Working Conditions
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Unlimited Vacation/Sick Days. Fun Company Outings. No Dress Code. Nerf Gun-Friendly Office Environment. Flexibility to Work From Home. Company-Sponsored Lunches. Generous Performance Incentives.


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