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About LendingTree
LendingTree was founded in 1996 by CEO Doug Lebda to help people comparison shop and get a great deal on the single biggest transaction of their lives: their mortgage. Since then, we’ve facilitated over 65 million loan requests, while becoming a household name. Today we do much more than mortgages. We are the #1 online marketplace in the US for consumers to comparison shop for mortgages, personal loans, credit cards, student loans, auto loans and insurance.
LendingTree is searching for the next dev ops rock star to help rock our automation world and be a part of the team that builds the next generation of our deployment and infrastructure provisioning platform. If when you hear about a new system, you’re insatiable curious and you’ve got the systems chops to get it up and running (in dev we hope) in a flash, then this is the role for you.
* Build and extend the automation tools for infrastructure provisioning, dynamic scaling, test automation and code deployments across all environments. * Working closely with engineering, refine and improve the release management framework to support an always-on, 24x7 environment. Money never sleeps, neither should our infrastructure. * Provision and manage platform level services such as logging infrastructure. * Help troubleshoot issues at any level of the stack, from the OS up to the app. * Continually drive better metrics and monitoring initiatives to ensure alerts fire when needed and the system stays up despite the unexpected.
Ideal Candidate
* Strong exp. managing Linux infrastructures * Exp.with one or more provisioning automation tools (SaltStack a big plus, or Chef, Puppet or others) * Exposure to one or more containerization services such as Docker or Mesos * Exp. plugging automation into CI tools like Jenkins or TeamCity * The ability to understand if not write code is important. The ability to script is a must. * Must be able to work creatively, calmly, flexibly and under tight deadlines in order to respond quickly and positively to shifting/multiple demands and opportunities. * Ability to exercise independent judgment and creative problem solving techniques in a highly complex environment using leading-edge technology.
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