Support Specialist

Leepfrog Technologies

(Coralville, Iowa)
Full Time
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About Leepfrog Technologies
Leepfrog Technologies, Inc. provides its CourseLeaf software to more than 240 of the nation’s most academically complex colleges and universities to manage their academic catalogs, curriculum, section scheduling and student course search requirements.
The Support Specialist is primarily responsible for maintaining a channel of communication addressing all requests submitted by CourseLeaf clients. The successful applicant will achieve Support Team objectives by efficiently managing client communication, assign and follow through with client requests and efficiently troubleshoot software issues. The Support Specialist will provide feedback and recommendations in seeking solutions to issues while maintaining the highest client satisfaction.
* Maintain an in-depth working knowledge of Leepfrog software and how it can be configured, customized and implemented to meet client requirements. * Develop deep understanding of client needs for their catalog and curriculum requirements. * Collect and interpret requests into individual Support tasks through our internal ticketing system; creating and updating tasks. * Maintain (alongside the Support Team) the main CourseLeaf Support email account and all client communication in a timely, organized and informed fashion. * Maintain effective customer service relationship with clients. * Identify and prioritize issues to determine next steps and if client requests should be queued or immediately addressed/escalated. * Coordinate documentation as requested; provide and/or arrange for client training. * Coordinate troubleshooting and the resolution of technical problems. * Report weekly to the Support Team with the overall status of a client’s level of satisfaction to allow internal prioritization of tasks. * Identify and correct rudimentary configuration problems and development issues resulting from a quickly evolving standard. This includes easily identifiable software issues and code irregularities. * Support the rolling-out of new catalog editions for existing clients, and publish updates as requested. * Closing duties as determined. * Perform other related duties as assigned.
Ideal Candidate
**Skills Required:** * Excellent oral and written communication: clear, concise and professional. Able to communicate across a wide range of internal and external audiences with tact and diplomacy. * Strong client orientation: ability to understand client requests and translate them into configuration and customization options/plans. * Planning: an ability to think ahead, prioritize, and plan. Take initiative. * Problem-solve in a changing environment: analyze situations quickly and react appropriately by identifying who may help in various situations. * Teamwork: a demonstrated ability to work with a team and maintain internal communication. * Time Management: the ability to organize and manage multiple priorities. * Knowledge of web browsers and general troubleshooting to identify browser specific issues. * Although not required, light JavaScript/HTML/SQL/CSS knowledge, a plus. **Qualifications:** Bachelor’s degree preferred; or three years related experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Customer support experience strongly preferred. A high level of Internet literacy required with strong knowledge of web systems, tools and applications. The ideal candidate must be able to operate in an entrepreneurial, small company environment with the ability to adjust to client schedules.
Compensation and Working Conditions

Working Conditions

Current shifts vary between the hours of 7:00 am - 7:30 pm, Monday through Friday.


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