Independent Energy Standards

Independent Energy Standards

Independent Ratings and Analytics for Event Risk and Responsibility in the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Energy San Francisco, California 6-10 employees Private Corporation Founded in 2013

IES is an independent ratings, analytics, and data software company for risk and responsibility in the oil & gas industry. Our customers range from large, well respected E&P companies to cutting edge investment firms - the common factor between them is the drive and desire to lead in reducing environmental and operational risk and impact to internal and external stakeholders, and to be best in class. For companies, IES increases budget efficiency, reduces risk, and differentiates with sensitive external stakeholders.

IES products increase transparency, recognize responsibility, encourage continuous improvement and build trust across the industry.

Skills We're Looking For

Data Analysis Java Product Development Programming Prototyping Python SQL R VBA Ad Hoc Analysis Data Store Data Visualization

We have great benefits

Paid Holidays
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