Human Longevity, Inc

Human Longevity, Inc

Biotechnology San Diego, California Private Corporation

Our Company

Led by a world-class team of scientific and medical visionaries, HLI’s mission is to identify the therapeutically targetable mechanisms responsible for age-related human biological decline and to apply this intelligence to develop innovative solutions to interrupt or block those processes, meaningfully extending the human lifespan. We are building a database of genotype and phenotype information together with data mining infrastructure, on a scale that has not ever been done before. We are trying to tackle some of the most vexing diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Skills We're Looking For

Bioinformatics AWS Python Team Foundation Server C Programming Language Data Management Record Keeping Machine Learning Human Genetics Assay Development Doctor of Medicine Doctor of Philosophy Human Genome Collaboration Data Analysis Databases Agile Development Process Linux Translation Biology Biotechnology GitHub .NET for Web Computer Science Technical Skill Technology Platforms Cloud Computing Genomics Human Microbiome Metagenomics Business Management Healthcare Information Technology Insurance Laws Risk Management