Senior Software Engineer / Full Stack Developer


(Boise, Idaho)
Full Time
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About Healthwise
Healthwise is a global provider of health information, decision support tools, behavior change assistance, and personal care planning for the top health plans, care management companies, hospitals, and consumer health portals. Each year, millions of people use our content and tools to manage their health, make better health decisions, and live healthier lives. Above all, we believe that our people are the most important part of our nonprofit organization.
As a senior software developer at Healthwise, you’ll be part of an innovative team that designs, develops, and deploys the technology that delivers health education to people during an office visit, in the hospital, or wherever they are—on any device. Your experience and your passion for software engineering and making a profound difference in health care make you an ideal candidate
* Lead and work alongside the team to develop products and systems that make it easier for health care professionals to deliver health education and make it easier for people to access it. * Be an inspiration, expert, and leader for your team and for others across our organization while bringing your best thinking and advocacy for advancing technology. * Innovate, create, and produce technological solutions for our clients to help the people they serve make better health decisions. * Take on other duties as assigned. (Yeah, the day-to-day stuff happens here, too.)
Ideal Candidate
* You’re driven, but not by your ego; you see potential in others and want to help them succeed. * You’re agile in temperament and discipline; you want to continuously deliver awesomeness. * You’re flexible and can switch tasks as priorities change. * You’ve got senior level development capabilities in .Net (C#), OOP, and design patterns. * You have in-depth experience building web applications using NodeJS, React, and other current technologies. * You can pass a background check.


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