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or most people, their house isn’t just a place, it’s the home where they raise their children and oftentimes retire. It represents one of the top three investments many of us make in our lifetimes, yet most people struggle with proper upkeep. Simply put, though life is busy, your home is precious and it’s essential to give it the attention it needs. “We started Handyman Matters 18 years ago because, to be blunt about it, the home maintenance and remodeling industries consistently lacked ethics. We wanted to change that and redefine what is expected from a home-improvement partner in terms of both quality of work and integrity in doing the job right. We strive to be your primary resource, and we earn your trust through our work.”

Skills We're Looking For

Customer Service Electrical Carpentry Painting Plumbing Work Ethic Remodeling Administrative Inside Sales Marketing Office Management Sales General Educational Development (GED) Budgeting Estimating Maintenance Recordkeeping Professional Appearance Driver's License