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(New York, New York)
Full Time
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About GameChanger
GameChanger is a mobile platform for amateur sports communities. Our scoring app delivers coaching insights and live fan updates for over 150,000 teams.
As an Operations Engineer, you’ll operate the infrastructure necessary to run our real-time sports platform at scale. Your team will be responsible for hundreds of servers, multiple production databases, and the monitoring to help us make sense of it all. You’ll work closely with backend engineers to deploy infrastructure for new projects, and build tooling to automate as much of cluster maintenance as is practical.
* Operate our databases, caches, queues, and streaming data pipelines * Maintain systems supporting billions of records and millions of transactions with high concurrency * Contribute to and run blameless post-mortems to help us learn from system outages * Build and maintain internal tools to interact with our infrastructure * Maintain our Docker-based, zero-downtime deployment systems * Provide sophisticated monitoring by instrumenting our infrastructure and applications * Monitor and tune our alerting schemes to relentlessly combat false positives and alert fatigue * Pursue efficiency and eliminate waste in our use of cloud computing resources
Ideal Candidate
**Requirements:** * Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in computer science or a related field * 2+ years operations engineer experience * Knowledge of Linux, Git, and all the usual tools * Exceptional problem-solving skills * Proficient with at least one of: Bash, Python, Ruby, Go **Optional Experience:** * Amazon Web Services * PostgreSQL, MySQL, or MongoDB databases


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