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(Bee Cave, Texas)
Full Time
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About Evariant
Evariant is on a mission to move healthcare providers to the cloud with the data and analytics required to confidently identify and execute on the most important strategic growth, patient engagement and physician alignment initiatives.
The Platform Development Engineer is a member of the Evariant Engineering team. This position is responsible for ongoing development of backend platform solutions to support Evariant products and solutions. It requires the ability to understand requirements, architect solutions and develop those solutions to satisfy the requirements . The candidate will have to demonstrate advanced coding skills with tools and frameworks. This is part of a strong development team and the ability to communicate and work as part of that teams is required., Familiarity with big data, Hadoop, and similar technologies is highly recommended.
* Collaborate with various stakeholders to gather, analyze, and capture functional requirements * Provide thought leadership including best practices and strategy on how to deliver value high-value solutions. * Contribute to the design of supporting architecture such as underlying data structures in datamarts. * Contribute to and lead development efforts. * Help troubleshoot technical issues and increase performance through tuning and optimization.
Ideal Candidate
* 3-5 years of experience in the field or related area. * Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Management or related field. * In-depth experience with Java * Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills * Strong experience with programming and software development methodologies * Ability to translate business requirements into technical solutions * Experience leveraging Hadoop and working with exceptionally large data * Healthcare Industry experience is a plus


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