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About Esri
Our passion for improving quality of life through geography is at the heart of everything we do. Esri’s geographic information system (GIS) technology inspires and enables governments, universities, and businesses worldwide to save money, lives, and our environment through a deeper understanding of the changing world around them. Carefully managed growth and zero debt give Esri stability that is uncommon in today's volatile business world.
If you have stayed abreast of the great strides 3D computer graphics and web-based 3D have made in the last decade in the areas of mesh and massive models processing, level of detail generation, texture compression, mesh simplification and compression techniques, real-time rendering, and the application of spatial data structures to create optimized 3D content, there may be a role for you on our 3D software development group. We are actively looking for more colleagues to join us creating the world’s best geospatial mapping and data analysis platform. As a platform that serves millions of users and domains, our software needs to be modular, reusable, and well crafted. We iterate rapidly, constantly learning from feedback, metrics, and the mission goals of our community. Strong math skills and the ability to design and implement data structures leveraging non-trivial algorithms are among the traits we are looking for.
* Build C++ software components that follow industry-standard design patterns, development methodologies, and deployment models * Work closely with product engineers to implement requirements and create application architectures and API to meet product goals * Design and develop stable software that includes automated test validation * Develop reusable components and libraries for use internally and as open source * Work within agile processes for short cycle, fast-paced delivery * Take on complex goals that push the boundary of the possible * Solve and articulate complex problems through application design, development, and exemplary user experiences
Ideal Candidate
**Requirements** * Experience with 3D graphics APIs such as WebGL, OpenGL ES, OpenGL, or DirectX * Strong knowledge of C++ (STL, C++ 11, Boost) * Understanding of algorithms, data structures, and design patterns * Knowledge of Agile development methodologies and test-driven development processes * Experience developing software that runs in a cloud * Experience with application scripting languages (e.g., Python, JavaScript) and web protocols and formats such as REST and JSON * Bachelor’s or master’s in computer science, engineering, mathematics, GIS, or related field, depending on position level (master’s preferred) **Recommended Qualifications** * Experience with data visualization, mapping, and GIS * Experience in mesh processing and simplification, texture optimization * Familiarity with Esri ArcGIS or other web mapping technologies
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We offer exceptional benefits, competitive salaries, 401(k) and profit-sharing programs, opportunities for personal and professional growth, and much more.


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